Swivel EyeBolt with Large Ring

Swivel EyeBolt with Large Ring

Large ring eye bolts are generally used as a swivelling load ring able to swivel 360 degrees and pivot 180 degrees.

Swivel eye bolts are available in a range of sizes from 8mm to 30mm. WLL ranges between 0.3 tonnes to 5 tonnes, depending on the size.

  • Made from G80 alloy steel and manufactured with an orange painted finish and an elongated ring
  • Conforms to EN 818-4 for the load ring and AS2318 for the swivel component, marked with working load limit in tonne, nominal size, quality mark and supplier identification
  • Proof tested to 1.25 x working load limit (WLL)
  • Test certificates are supplied upon request
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Additional information

Size WLL

8mm 0.3T, 10mm 0.63T, 12mm 1.0T, 14mm 1.2T, 16mm 1.5T, 18mm 2.0T, 20mm 2.5T, 24mm 4.0T, 27mm 4.0T, 30mm 5.0T


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