Eye Bolt BS529

Eye Bolt BS529

BS4278 eye bolts are generally used as a removable lifting point where a rated female thread or nut can be utilised. BS4278 eye bolts can also be used as a termination for chains, wire ropes and other assembles.

Eye bolts are available in a range of sizes from 3/8″ to 1 1/4″. WLL ranges between 0.3 tonnes to 4.6 tonnes, depending on the size.

  • Made from carbon steel following steel specifications of BS970 with zinc plated or black finish, manufactured with a smaller eye than DIN type
  • Conforms to AS2317, marked with working load limit in tonne, nominal size, quality grade, batch numbered and supplier identification
  • Proof tested to 2 x working load limit and minimum breaking force of 6 x working load limit (WLL)
  • Test certificates are supplied upon request
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Size WLL

3/8" 0.3T, 1/2" 0.5T, 5/8" 0.9T, 3/4" 1.4T, 7/8" 2.0T, 1" 2.8T, 1 1/4" 4.6T


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