Wire Rope Hand Winch

Wire Rope Hand Winch

Austlift wire rope hoist is ideal for 4WD off road recovery as a portable and versatile winch, without being fixed to the vehicle. Also known as a Tirfor or creeper winch, it is designed for lifting and hauling loads in general hoisting operation such as mining, construction, industrial lifting and domestic applications.

  • Compact lightweight and robust in construction
  • Recommended for portable applications
  • Able to be operated at any angle and easy to handle
  • Hoists come with 20m wire rope, longer lengths available
  • Hoists are individually proof tested and serial numbered
  • All hoists have spare shear pins in handle

The hand winches are available in two WLL capacities, 1600kg and 3200kg.

The 1600kg winch comes with 11mm wire rope with a pulling capacity of 2500kg, advancing 55mm on each pull.

The 3200kg winch comes with 16mm wire rope with a pulling capacity of 5000kg. Required effort is the smaller winch by increasing leverage, advancing 28mm on each pull.

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1600kg, 3200kg


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