Safety Grade S Bow Shackle

Safety Grade S Bow Shackle

Blue safety pin bow shackles used in the marine, agricultural, mining and engineering industries. Provides more permanent connections to chain, wire rope and other rated fittings, suitable for equipment that may vibrate and preventing the pin dislodging during use. The safety pin allows the pin to rotate during loading conditions.

The bow shackles come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10mm to 102mm, with WLL ranging from 1 tonne to 150 tonnes.

  • Conforms to AS2741 (*) manufactured from Grade S material in bow configuration with a safety pin
  • Hot-dipped galvanised or powder coated colours
  • Marked with working load limit in tonnes, quality grade, batch numbered, nominal size in millimetre and supplier identification
  • Proof tested to 2 x working load limit, with a minimum break force of 6 x working load limit
  • Test certificates are available upon request
  • Blue safety pin standard in galvanised shackles. Available in black colour in all sizes upon request
  • Suitable for lifting applications

* 89mm and 102mm are Crosby G2130, not AS type

See the Safety Bow Shackle Specifications Chart for WLL, dimensions, and weight.

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The following chart can be used to determine the Working Loading Limit (WLL) of S Grade safety bow shackles. The WLL weights displayed in this chart are in tonnes.
Grade S Safety Bow Shackle specifications chart, with WLL, Weight, size and dimensions

Additional information

Size / WLL

10mm 1T, 11mm 1.5T, 13mm 2T, 16mm 3.2T, 19mm 4.7T, 22mm 6.5T, 25mm 8.5T, 29mm 9.5T, 32mm 12T, 35mm 13.5T, 38mm 17T, 44mm 25T, 51mm 35T, 57mm 42.5T, 63mm 55T, 76mm 85T, 89mm 120T, 102mm 150T


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