G80 Safety Hook Swivel Type LS

G80 Safety Hook Swivel Type LS

Austlift LS type swivel hooks have a ball bearing swivel to allow it to swivel while under load, reducing the twist of a sling. It has been designed with a self-locking hook and an enlarged eye for passing larger shackles without requiring disassembly.

The G80 safety hook swivels are available in a range of sizes from 6mm up to 16mm. WLL ranges between 1.1 tonnes to 8 tonnes, depending on the size.

  • Ball-bearing swivel allowing rotation under full load
  • Marked with size, batch number, grade
  • Austlift branded with manufacture quality mark
  • Batch tested, test certificates supplied upon request
  • Spare trigger kits are available

Beware of Castle Nut Swivel Hooks

Swivel hook with a castle nutWalker Certification does not sell swivel hooks with castle nuts as they have a higher potential to fail under load.

They are not designed to swivel under load and as the nut turns it shears off the roll pin and the hook comes apart.

The swivel hooks Walker Certification supply are designed to rotate under full load with a ball bearing swivel.

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Additional information

Size WLL

6mm 1.1T, 8mm 2T, 10mm 3.2T, 13mm 5.3T, 16mm 8T


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