Electric Chain Winch

Electric Chain Winch

Need a compact, lightweight 240 volt single phase electric chain hoist?

The Pacific Porta Hoist is the ideal portable solution for lifting, handling loads up to 500kg. Models are available starting with the 80-kilogram capacity electric chain winch. In the middle are 125-kilogram and 250-kilogram hoists, topping out with a 500-kilograme model for larger lifting loads.

All of the electric Pacific Porta Hoists are tested to the Australian standards, manufactured to comply with AS1418.2.

A durable travel case is supplied with the electric chain hoist, making it a convenient portal solution.

The portable hoist is fitted with an overload protection clutch for preventing overload damage. An IP65 pendant control with dual speeds and variable slow control when needed, a chain bucket, 3-metre power supply cable.

Duty cycle is rated at 30% ED with 180 starts per hour.

18 volt DC low voltage control for safe operation with upper and lower electrical limit switches.

All models are supplied as standard with 6 metre height of lift with 4mm x 12mm chain and a 5-metre pendant control.

Lifting speed is 18m/min for the 80kg model, 12.5m/min for the 125kg and 250kg models, and 6.3m/min for the 500kg model.

The slow speed is variable from 0m/min up to 4.8m/min for the 80kg model, 3.2m/min for the 125kg and 250kg models, and 1.6m/min for the 500kg model.



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